Allard Volker

Founding Booster

Finding balance in social surroundings.

Bart van der Werf

Founding Booster

Do epic shit with epic people!

Anthony Meyer zu Schlochtern

Founding Booster

To show the world that there are other ways to be successful.

Dutch Boosters

Wouter Roosjen

Partner Booster

Inspire people together with people.

Ernst Weijers

Innovation Booster

Contributing positively to the effect innovation and digitalisation is having on our society.

Jet van Strijp

Innovation Booster

Exploring life in pursuit of new experiences, knowledge and meaningful connections.

Mark van de Vrede

Innovation Booster

Bringing positive energy while pursuing growth.

Alje Dijkema

Innovation Booster

Grow through discovery and share with the important people in life.

Floris Melief

Innovation Booster

Do the right thing.

Daan Snijders

Innovation Booster

Discover what makes you tick.

Jaimy Quadekker

Innovation Booster

Growth and development through connection.

Jasper Beudel

Innovation Booster

Curiosity and bravery never go out of style.

Inan Erkal

Finance Manager

Balancing strategic minds and business control.

Marianne Baker

HR / Office Manager

Miss Moneypenny makes booster life easy.

Tessa de Jongh

Innovation Booster

Improve faster than the rest to become the best!

Boris van Toor

Innovation Booster

Don't just do it, how we've always done it.

Sjors Lewis

Innovation Booster

Think only of solutions and create connections.

Philippe van Belle

Innovation Booster

Together we will be building tomorrow today.

Eline Verbeek

Innovation Booster

Think wisely, act enthusiastically, & create new possibilities in a sustainable way.

Lotte Hemel

Innovation Booster

Challenge to try out new things

Rosa Boon

Innovation Booster

Creativity is Intelligence having fun

Lisa Blauwendraat

Innovation Booster

“Have a growth mindset and hear what’s not being said”

Marije Wentink

Intern Booster

“If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.”

Joris Schouten

Intern Booster

"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

Pieter Wiegeraad

Intern Booster

"Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today"

Rutger Link

Intern Booster

“When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills.“

Frédérique de Lange

Intern Booster

“Be afraid, and do it anyway”

USA Boosters

Roos Hofland

Lead Innovation Booster US

Go there where nobody else is willing to go and make a significant impact.

Greece Boosters

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