We live in difficult times as COVID-19 continues to spread throughout the world. It’s quiet at airports, quiet in offices, quiet at train stations and quiet in bars and restaurants. The measures undertaken to slow the spread of the virus have a giant impact on the world, the people and the economy. In hopes of bringing motivation and inspiration towards the future, we like to focus this article on how to move forward during these difficult times, both now and in the long run.

First of all, we urge you to start making steps in getting your organisation ready for “the world with, and after COVID-19”. Chances are that, due to all measures and forced changes of behaviour, a mindset shift will occur among your customers. As a result, holding on to your business plan won’t yield the same results as before the pandemic. To cite from a recent article from Bain: “A wait-and-see approach is a nonstarter”. 

“Disasters and Crises bring out the best in people”

This statement, that Rutger Bregman shared in one of his recent columns, has been confirmed by a lot of evidence at the moment. Let’s take a look at some of the most inspiring ones: 

In Italy, people started heartwarming balcony concerts to support the feeling of togetherness in the neighbourhood, while in The Netherlands people collectively clapped their hands for three minutes straight as a sign of appreciation towards healthcare personnel. And what about the Italian 3D printing companies Isinnova and Lonati, that teamed up to help a local hospital in need, by producing 100 life-saving respirator valves in just 24 hours! One of the most remarkable reactions to the COVID-19 disaster might be from BYD, a Chinese electric-carmaker. The company started in January with the production of face masks to fight the coronavirus outbreak and is now the biggest face-mask manufacturer in the world..

What these examples have in common, as Dr. Michael J. Ryan (Director of the WHO) pointed out earlier this week: In times of disaster and crises "keep moving forward" is key in overcoming bad situations.

Moving forward, one small step at a time

"Keep moving forward might be the way to go, but where to start?" To answer this question we like to refer to the words of Simon Sinek that we live by: "Dream big, start small, but most of all: START!"

At Innovation Booster we are committed to helping companies move forward in these difficult times and we do that one small step at the time. We are convinced that, as long as we push ourselves to move forward, everything will be alright. Or as people nowadays write on the walls in Italy: "andrà tutto bene".


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